In these times of social distancing, one thing is emerging... Family..Community..Kinship... We are all out there and we are all experiencing the same.  We all are missing those mini milestones that make up our families lives. But we are doing so for our own and our communities benefit. 

What I am amazed at is the amount of connections and support that I see going on all around. I personally have never felt less alone while sitting at my house instead of going out.  I love being able to spend more time with my kids and put into action at least a few of the hundred items running on my to do list.

To embrace all of this we have enhanced our outdoor portrait park!  Come and join us for an Outdoor Mini!  We have great pricing options and lots of fun, unique products.

How does it work?

  1. Decide what type of mini do you want? Family (in one household), specific milestone (prom dress, athlete, turning 3, etc), Best Friends, really anything!
  2. Book your 20 Minute timeslot
  3. Pay the $25 Session Fee to reserve your timeslot
  4. After your session you may either purchase online or book a 20 min presentation from Carey Lynn via Zoom!

I will contact you before you session to talk about what you are looking for. Just because we are shooting fast does not mean we won't capture amazing stuff.  All in the image to the left was captured during our mini's.

COVID: we shoot outdoors and contactless (more than 6 feet away using longer lenses and flashes).  Sessions are booked to allow time between to allow us to spray / wipe down any area that is used during a session. 

Tip:  Want to get ALL your family together?  Book multiple back to back slots.  I will handle a full group shot and groupings between you!

Unable to leave your house for a session, never fear, we can come to you for a special "Front Porch" session.  Contact us directly for details.